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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Why and When

What should be the source of our behavior? Doing (or being) good or preventing harm?

I am thinking of all the reasons we have now out there to be GREENer and to tune our behavior to a more climates friendly one. But, what if we didn’t have the climate change threat, what then? Would we care for being green?

When is it that we compromise our personal interest for the communal good?

There are talks of financial benefits of being sustainable. Sophisticated models are developed for economical analysis of being green. But, what is it that every thing circles around money? Why human being is money driven? No let me correct myself:

Why human being is Money-Fame-Power driven? Where is Morality in this equation?


Don Julio De La Marquee said...

Morality is a social concept, it is not a vital survival strategy for human race, it was merely born to justify a higher and more noble society than that of animals.

why do you think that greed is a sin and morality is a virtue? because greed is in our nature while morality is not, and every religion has it's roots in somehow opposing the nature whithin us! (again to justify a higher sense of purpose, and a more holy being)

Bahareh said...

I haven't consider greed a sin. But somehow the GREED, which is nature, is working against the Nature. Human greed has distorted the nature society relation. Now, as some argue, we passed the tipping point and ecosystem services are collapsing.

I wonder if this natural greed, which push human over the broader and could result in demise of civilization, is just a part of the creation cycle.

Anonymous said...

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