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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

غر درسی

I revisited my nag! :o)

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Retrospective philosophical look at my architectural expreince

I am reading about political ecology and it makes my mind to spin:

Where does the social responsibility take me? Can I be an architect and design buildings again? What was it that made me uncomfortable to be only an architect in the first place? Why did I feel I don’t have enough means to make a change? How come I have had a hard time feeling that I am serving the ‘HUMANITY’ when I was working in the design field? Why did I feel a pain in my heart when I was in a design team for a building which was a means to extract great amount of resources, contribute to environmental and social ill and even wouldn’t offer a healthy environment for its occupants? How could I care if my designs are of the best quality but are inspired by bottom line oriented clients and not to serve the real needsof the society? What is it that makes me restless, push me forward to explore more?

What is my social responsibility? How can I be a contributor to the better good?

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Relation Between fertility Rate and Education in Women

I am reading an articles from Lester R. Brown. In his chapter about stabilizing population by reducing fertility he has his controversial and very Western way of looking at the problem. However, I want to share with you one part of his article. He cites Lawrence Summers (Yep the same guy who was Harvard's president and his controversial speech about female brain cost him resignation from Harward) that argues: "each additional year of female education reduces fertility by roughly 10%." Consider this is told in relation to developing and under-developed countries and "education" indicated here is the basic and elementary education rather than higher education.
But, looking at it out of context and having a humorous view we can conclude that we've been 120% less fertile when we got our high school diploma. Lets not think of our B.S and M.S. !!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Universe Reads my Weblog

I think Universe reads my weblog....Isn't it exacting to know that you can actually communicate with the universe even through your weblog.

Here how the whole school issue I wrote about evolved yesterday. As you could read from my last post I was very frustrated and couldn't see how I can forgive that particular individuals ,A, and some others that didn't offer their help and support when I needed the most. Yesterday I went back to my office at school . I saw T, she came to tell me how concerned she was about me feeling hurt. She told me how she was hurt in a similar situation and that things will go on and will change for the better. while the two of us were speaking A came in to discuss something with T. After that A and I spoke almost for an hour about art and being sensitive and was half way in our conversation that I realised, I have already forgave her, that I could see that all of us may act not so pleasant time to time but that shouldn't be the base of my judgment.

And how universe played a role here, Universe put me and T and A all in one room one day after I wrote about how to forgive and showed me how easy forgiveness could be.

Universe, If you are reading the post too I just want to express how much I appreciate what you did yesterday.

1-Hope you don't doubt my sanity, I this crazy way of looking at the world :o)
2- Tahere, Nonosh and Marzieh thanks for your comments.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Objective Vs. Subjective

I just noticed that I have a wrong idea of Objective and Subjective definitions in my mind. I think I have been some how confused in their Persian meaning and that's how the confusion started... What do we use in Persian for these two words? Any idea?

Confused Bahareh

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Mahmood Ahmadinejad in SNL

SNL (Saturday Night Live) is a unique funny shows which is broad-casted live every Saturday night.
Check this out:
a short love song (SNL digital short) to Ahmadinejad with Maroon 5 singer (Adam Levine) SNL 29.9.07 show run Iran Andy Samberg.