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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Retrospective philosophical look at my architectural expreince

I am reading about political ecology and it makes my mind to spin:

Where does the social responsibility take me? Can I be an architect and design buildings again? What was it that made me uncomfortable to be only an architect in the first place? Why did I feel I don’t have enough means to make a change? How come I have had a hard time feeling that I am serving the ‘HUMANITY’ when I was working in the design field? Why did I feel a pain in my heart when I was in a design team for a building which was a means to extract great amount of resources, contribute to environmental and social ill and even wouldn’t offer a healthy environment for its occupants? How could I care if my designs are of the best quality but are inspired by bottom line oriented clients and not to serve the real needsof the society? What is it that makes me restless, push me forward to explore more?

What is my social responsibility? How can I be a contributor to the better good?

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Anonymous said...

همیشه آدمهای متفکری مثل شما جامعه رو تغیر میدن....بهت تبریک میگم در عین حال توصیه میکنم که کمتر فکر کنی . بیشتر استراحت! یک نصیحت مادرانه عالی!!!:)