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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Relation Between fertility Rate and Education in Women

I am reading an articles from Lester R. Brown. In his chapter about stabilizing population by reducing fertility he has his controversial and very Western way of looking at the problem. However, I want to share with you one part of his article. He cites Lawrence Summers (Yep the same guy who was Harvard's president and his controversial speech about female brain cost him resignation from Harward) that argues: "each additional year of female education reduces fertility by roughly 10%." Consider this is told in relation to developing and under-developed countries and "education" indicated here is the basic and elementary education rather than higher education.
But, looking at it out of context and having a humorous view we can conclude that we've been 120% less fertile when we got our high school diploma. Lets not think of our B.S and M.S. !!!


Marzieh said...

jaleb bood........!!!

Noonoosh said...

Oh...Sounds interesting , Why werent I Infertile , I wonder???